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Welcome to Pandemic Ragnarok Online

Pandemic Ragnarok Online is a classic pre-renewal server with transcendent jobs.
Level 99|70 / Base Exp 25x / Job Exp 25x / Drop Rate 10x / MVP Drops 3x.
Available in PC (Windows) and Mobile (Android)
Max Stat is 99, No Cast is 150 Dex, Max Attack Speed is 190.
Max Guild Size is 16, No Guild Alliance.
Free Cash Points per Hour, and through Vote.
Job Changer/Reset/Healer/Warper NPCs, Attendance System.
World Chat System, and Custom Official Costumes!
Pet System upgraded to Renewal (better effects)
Auto-Attack system with integrated AutoSkills for AFK Farming
Unique Costume Enhancement System
Custom Shops (Event, Quest, Cash, Donation)
Lite Graphics Plugin (@lgp) installed.
Gepard Shield 3.0 installed, and server updated to latest revision.
PVP events such as WoE, KoE, LMS, and Custom battlegrounds.

LGP Commands: @lgp @square (on/off/1-14) @circle @aoes @shake
All Player commands can be shown by typing @commands
Newbie Guide NPC is available for starting players

10/13/2021 - Vote Sites blocked by your ISP
09/01/2021 - New System: Pandemic Pass!
07/24/2021 - Server Compensation
06/24/2021 - New Voting Sites
06/01/2021 - New Quests, New Wings!
05/01/2021 - PandemicRO: Revamped!
04/22/2021 - Refine Update & @itemloot
04/01/2021 - Floating EXP and Drop Rates
03/08/2021 - New Shop, New Items, New NPC
02/09/2021 - Instant Level 99 for New Players!
01/31/2021 - Server Features: Complete List
01/16/2021 - Shadow Weapons
01/16/2021 - New Event: World Boss
01/09/2021 - Random Option
12/31/2020 - Costume Enhancement! Happy New Year!
12/20/2020 - Mobile Launch! Happy Holidays!
12/01/2020 - December Floating Rates
10/30/2020 - Halloween Event!
10/12/2020 - Always be informed and updated!
10/03/2020 - We're Live!
09/21/2020 - Grand Opening, October 3!
09/17/2020 - Beta Test
09/06/2020 - Alpha Testing
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