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Pandemic Ragnarok Online Client:

You can download the game in 3 options:
Full Client (One Large File), Full Installer (3 Compressed Files), or Lite Installer (advanced users)
Latest Patcher will auto update during patch, or can be found here

Option 1: Full Client (One Large File)


1. Extract the folder anywhere using WinRar/7zip, then run `Play Pandemic Ragnarok Online.exe as administrator.

2. [Important] Wait for the patch to be complete, then click 'Settings' to select a Graphics Device (Your GPU / Integrated graphics) and your preferred Resolution.

3. You can adjust other settings for your personal preference, then click 'Apply' and 'Ok' to go back to the patcher. If you haven't registered for an account yet, you can click the 'Register' button.

4. Click 'Start', login to your account, and enjoy Pandemic Ragnarok Online!


Common Errors & Solutions:

Below are the errors that you might encounter and their solutions when starting the game for the first time:
(This post will be updated if any other errors were reported)

1. Game sometimes doesn't open after clicking 'Start' in the launcher

Solution: Run `Play Pandemic Ragnarok Online.exe as Admin (Right click > Run as administrator).

2. Patcher closes automatically/stuck in "Updating Patcher" or "New Patcher Found. Updating..."

Solution: Download this FILE and put in the Pandemic RO Folder. Replace when prompted.

3. Game performance is laggy when moving mouse/walking

Solution 1: Open settings in the launcher and select your Primary Graphics Device.

Solution 2: Update your Audio/Graphics drivers.

Solution 3: If you can't update your drivers, Run the game in WinXP/7/8 compatibility mode. (Already obsolete for recent RO clients nowadays)

4. Cannot Initialize D3D / GRF file has a problem

Solution 1: You missed step 5. Open settings first and select your Primary Graphics Device.

Solution 2: Uncheck "Disable hardware-accelerated graphics" in the Settings.

Solution 3: Ensure the resolution set in the settings is 2048 x 1536 or lower.

Solution 4: The files you downloaded were corrupted (bad internet connection). Please re-download.

5. No Graphics Device in settings

Solution: It's not detecting your primary display driver. Install the appropriate Integrated/Graphics Driver for your system.

5. Multiple Errors after Gepard Shield

Solution: Go to your PandemicRO Folder, and delete data.dat, then Run the Patcher as Admin. It will repatch all files.

In case the solutions above did not work, please send us a direct message with the error at our Facebook page.
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