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This Android Client (XPRO) cannot be a direct substitute for the original PC version. This is created to help out players that cannot download the PC full client (at work office, school, internet store, etc) but it cannot be the only client used for the server. It's still highly recommended to play the game using the PC Client for all the features.


1. Google Chrome Browser - Play Store Link
2. Android Smartphone - Minimum RAM: 2GB, Recommended RAM: 4GB
3. A Stable Wi-Fi/Data(4G/5G) Internet Connection
(Tip: If you cannot chat in-game, Go to Settings and change resolution / Disable Fullscreen)


1. Open Google Chrome in your mobile and go to
2. Tap the Control/Settings Menu in the upper right part (three dots).

3. Select "Add to Homescreen/Install App", then wait and install the app.

4. Open the App, tap XPRO, and type Pandemic RO in the server name (Don't forget the space).
5. Scroll down a bit, and tap Start.

6. Be patient as resources will take some time to load on the first start of the App. Tap "Play Pandemic RO" to start the game!

7. Login to your account using your username and password. If you get texture errors/missing sprites, you can click the Folder Icon on the lower right part to clear cache.

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